Silter Global

Silter Global Sales Network

Silter exports 50% of its production to 84 countries worldwide. In some of these countries; Silter works through its official agencies. In some, it does not depend on a single representative and holds more than one authorized dealer. While making this decision; It applies to parameters such as country size, sector maturity, Silter’s recognition rate in that country, and the country’s financial infrastructure.

In some countries, until Silter finish the search for a single official agency, he works with multiple vendors and appoints the one that will best represent Silter as his sole agent (agent). Other unassigned vendors continue to receive goods from the appointed authorized agent at more advantageous prices than other customers.

Sometimes, more than one executive agency can be appointed in a country. This situation may be resulted from the necessity due to separated territories according to the big geographical regions in that country, or they may also be official agencies that are sectorally separated from each other. Silter searches for some competence criteria in the authorized agencies he has appointed. These criteria consist of important criteria such as investment in Silter brand, sales network nationwide, repair-maintenance and service network nationwide, annual sales commitment.

Silter, in principle, does not sell in a country where a sole agency is appointed without the permission of its agency. Silter commits itself to this promise with a binding written agreement. Silter does not allow any third parties to make sale in a country where a sole agency is already appointed. If Silter detects the undesired situation, it warns not to sell, if necessary, freezes its business relations.

Silter is open to working with any company, so as not to undermine the sales policies it pursues in a country (such as exorbitant price application) and if Silter has not appointed a Single agent in that country. After Silter has been the sole agency in a country, he now starts to work only with the authorized agent in that country and stops supplying third parties.

Countries where sole agency is given

  • Azerbaycan
  • Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri
  • Belarus
  • Brezilya
  • Güney Afrika Cumhuriyeti
  • İran
  • Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti
  • Kosova
  • Mısır
  • Rusya
  • Yemen
  • Kazakistan
  • Suudi Arabistan
  • Almanya
  • Ermenistan
  • Fas
  • Hindistan
  • İngiltere
  • Irak
  • Moldova
  • Ukrayna
  • Sırbistan

Countries where Silter has not yet appointed agents

  • Afganistan
  • Arnavutluk
  • Bahrain
  • Bangladeş
  • Belçika
  • Bosna Hersek
  • Bulgaristan
  • Cezayir
  • Çin
  • Danimarka
  • Etiyopya
  • Filistin
  • Fransa
  • Güney Kore
  • Guetamala
  • Gürcistan
  • Hırvatistan
  • Hollanda
  • Hong-Kong
  • İspanya
  • İsrail
  • İsveç
  • İsviçre
  • İtalya
  • Kanada
  • Kırgızistan
  • Kuveyt
  • Libya
  • Litvanya
  • Lübnan
  • Macaristan
  • Makedonya
  • Malezya
  • Malta
  • Meksika
  • Özbekistan
  • Pakistan
  • Polonya
  • Portekiz
  • Romanya
  • Senegal
  • Singapur
  • Slovenya
  • Sudan
  • Suriye
  • Tayland
  • Tunus
  • Türkmenistan
  • Uganda
  • Umman
  • Ürdün
  • Yeni Zelanda
  • Yunanistan
  • Zimbabwe