Silter sees the environment as a treat of nature to us.

Silter’s social responsibility can be summarized as repaying nature in a good, respectful and harmless way.

Silter has a full commitment to environmental stewardship by means of its products, facilities, practices and work force.

Silter is fully committed to environmental stewardship not only by its core business activities, but also its investments in the local community.

Silter endeavour to improve the quality of life by producing the quality of its products for a more healthy and sustainable planet.

Silter’s goal is to develop more energy-efficient products and technologies, promote a low-carbon and eco-conscious lifestyle among consumers, and deploy more sustainable business practices across our operations.

Silter relies on its employees to help achieve ambitious environmental targets.

Silter is dedicated to develop innovative, environmentally friendly products all over the world.

We, as Silter, promise that we will never ever betray the nature.